New Rewards Program Annoucement

Castle Creek Manor is proud to present our new rewards program starting 2021! The program is called “Sleeping around at Castle Creek.” We have 5 guest suites and each time you book directly with us on our website or by calling us (requires completion of reservation), you will get one check mark for the room you stay in. The goal is to stay in each of our 5 suites. Then, upon your 6th stay, you will have earned one night free in any of our available rooms. There is no time limit so if you stay 5 times in one year or 5 times in ten years, you are still part of the program and can earn your reward as fast as you want.
1. Reservations must be made directly on our website or calling us directly. Reservations made through 3rd party reservation platforms will not count toward reward program.
2. Book and stay in a different room to make sure you complete stays in all 5 rooms.
3. No expiration of the rewards program and it’s free to join.
4. If you have already stayed in 2021, your last reservation will count toward this program as long as it was made directly and not through a 3rd party reservation platform.
5. Have questions, please let us know and we will be happy to help.
We are offering this special program because we want to reward all our loyal guests. Thank you so much for supporting our small business.
Please share with your friends and family so they can also participate.
Check out our website at or call 970-241-9105 to make you next reservation.

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